DNA Middle East

We are a progressive professional company for health care. We market and distribute products to improve the quality of life with full dedication and devotion to the profession at Saudi Arabia and Middle East region.

DNA Middle East

Company Scope:

1. Line A (Adenine) Life sAving and critical care
2. Line G (Guanine) Nano & biotechnoloGy
3. Line T (Thiamine) RehabiliTation. Physiotherapy and Bariatric
4. Line C (Cytosine) Neuro VasCular Surgeries


We Improve lives. We improve clinical practices.


We provide our customers with:

  • The most recent, innovative and effective medical devices.
  • First class and Cutting edge medical technologies.

We are energetic and enthusiastic to make this vision a reality.

Our Values.

  • Integrity
    • We are Open and honest with ourselves and with others, we strive for the highest ethical standards.
  • Professionalism
    • We understand the clinical needs for our customers.
  • Evidence-based
    • We use facts in our evaluation and decisions. We also use facts when we utilize and provide information.
  • Customer-centric
    • We always exceed expectations
  • Responsibility and Ownership
    • We are problem solvers and learn from our mistakes.
  • Knowledge
    • We have learning agility; we are dynamic enough to continuously improving ourselves in all dimensions.
  • Healthy Work Environment
    • We are positive and passionate in everything we do. We aim to have fun and always be friendly and caring.
  • Patient oriented
    • We value lives
  • Team Work
    • We are a team. We encourage new ideas and open dialogue.



Product Information:

  • Anesthesia and Respiratory devices
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic radiation devices.
  • Electro-Mechanical medical devices
  • Hospital Hardware
  • Reusable Instruments
  • Single use device
  • Technical aids for disabled persons
  • Nano and Biotechnology