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DNA is taught to utilize the latest technologies and best practices in software development to achieve optimal results. By researching and identifying appropriate technologies, frameworks and tools that match customized project requirements. This may include exploring emerging technologies, conducting proof-of-concept experiments, and looking at scalability, maintainability, and security aspects.



Facilitate the patient journey and healthcare process

Solution focused

Structure Patient Data and transactions,

Make it user Friendly

Eliminating Data entry Complications.

Automate the insights and reports

let your data talks.

Next generation enabled

Ready to apply advanced technology ex. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML).


Facilitate data and information visualization.

Integration with hardware

link between hardware and software interfaces.

Our Projects

Real author

Authorship Rank solution


Determining the priority levels.

Current project

Creating the best user experience for patients involves considering their entire journey within the healthcare system. Here are the key points to focus on:

Intuitive Dashboard and Data Visualization: Design a user-friendly dashboard that presents relevant patient information in a clear and organized manner. Use intuitive data visualization techniques, such as graphs, charts, and color coding, to quickly convey key insights and trends. This allows doctors to efficiently interpret and analyze patient data, leading to faster decision-making and more informed treatment plans.

Smart Search and Filter Functionality: Implement a robust search and filter functionality within the UI to enable doctors to quickly locate specific patient records, test results, or clinical information. This allows doctors to access relevant information without having to navigate through extensive menus or scroll through large amounts of data. The ability to search and filter efficiently saves time and enhances productivity.

Project progress
Design and plan 41%
Project progress
Predefined data / Data Analysis 61%


Plan and data gathering

System Design and Architecture

Development and coding

Testing and Quality Assurance





Tele - Healthcare Solution

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