7MED 380 NSTA avec kit de pose complet

Laboratoire 7 MED  wanted to give users and doctors access to its know-how in the field of disposable medical-surgical devices? developing the 7MED 380 NSTA Intra- Uterine Device specially designed for intravenous nulliparas and uteri.


Product Description

7MED 380 NSTA is a ready-to-use, sterile pouch intra-uterine copper device consisting of two flexible polyethylene arms, a 380 mm2 silver-plated copper wire, X-ray opaque, and a wire of single-strand polyamide. It has a shape memory inserter that facilitates placement in intravenous uteri.

Notice 7MED 380 NSTA Medecin

Notice 7MED 380 NSTA patiente

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