• Rigid inserter tube
  • 10 years of exposure
  • Particularly suitable for multipares
  • Fast pose in a time

Product Description

7MED 380 TSTA – 7 MED DIU 3rd Generation

Laboratoire 7 MED wanted to give users and doctors access to its know-how in the field of disposable medical-surgical devices? by developing the 7MED 380 TSTA Intra- Uterine Device allowing optimized copper diffusion thanks to the copper rings present on each arm.

7MED 380 TSTA is an intrauterine device: ready-to-use, in sterile pouch, consisting of two flexible polyethylene arms, a copper wire, starting from a vertical axis, X-ray opaque, around which s ‘roll up the copper wire. It specifically has 1 copper ring on each arm, allowing optimized copper diffusion. The total copper surface is 380 mm 2. A monofilament polyamide yarn is attached to the base of each device.

Notice 7MED 380 TSTA Patient
Notice 7MED 380 TSTA Medecin